The Overcomers:

What will our kids learn about life through sports? What happens to them outside of the white lines? We teach our kids to overcome obstacles and persevere through challenges, both on and off the field.

The Listeners:

Listening skills are important and allow for effective communication. We teach our kids that listening is a skill that requires practice. Listening is important when you play sports but is also an effective skill in the real world.

The Dreamers:

It is important for kids to have dreams and we want to encourage them by showing support and helping them take action to achieve their dreams, on and off the field. To be anything you have to dream. We teach our kids that they can be whatever they want to be.

The Thinkers:

The purpose of thinking is to understand your surrounding and the world as best as possible. We encourage activities that promote thinking because we want to teach our kids to think for themselves and change the world!

The Encouragers:

To be great teammates, our kids must learn to encourage each other. Encouragement is about communicating effectively, being respectful and having a positive attitude. We teach our kids to encourage themselves and each other.

The Educators:

Educators help to life one another up when they are down. Educators are professionals at their craft, including sports. They understand their role and know who they are. Understanding and knowing who you are and what you want to be. Educator is a professional at their We want to encourage our kids to obtain an education and also to share knowledge and information with each other.

The Hard Workers:

Hard work is putting in time, effort and endurance. Without these qualities, no goal or accomplishment would be achieved. Hard work can be in the form of physical endurance and in the form of our mind and challenging ourselves. We teach our kids to persevere and work hard on and off the field.

The Winners:

Winning requires an attitude of not giving up and persevering through challenges that life sometimes presents to us. We teach our kids not to give up because not giving up is winning.

The Enthusiastics:

In order to meet goals in life, one must have passion for what they are doing. We want to encourage our kids to show their interest in sports and activities off the field. We teach our kids that being excited in something that interests them is healthy.